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    Governor Submits 2 Million Coffee Trees


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan submitted 2 million coffee trees to communities in 11 districts. The handover symbolically conducted at Gedung Sate, Thursday (31/12).

    "I hope with these coffee trees distribution is able to improve the society economic and also increase the coffee production,” said Aher.

    The coffee distributed was Robusta and Arabica coffee which is accordance to the planting environment in each district/city.

    "We distribute Robusta and Arabica coffee tree seedlings, where the arabica for elevations above 700 mdpl, while the robusta to an altitude of 400 mdpl,” he said.

    Governor explained that the Government will continue to distribute the coffee tree seedlings to farmers. "In 2014, we have distributed the coffee tree seedlings as many as 1 million". In 2015, as many as 2 million and in 2016 was planned as many as 5 million coffee tree seedlings. But we have not yet possessed many capable resources of making seed certificated,” he said.

    “However, in 2017 I targeted to be able distribute the coffee tree seedlings as many as 5 million trees,” he hoped.

    Relating to the planting and maintenance, its parties will be in cooperation with Perhutani who have land, and also Department of Plantation in each district.

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