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    Industrial Vocational Education Program Launched in West Java


    CIKARANG-West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), accompanied President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the launching of Vocational Industry, 07/2017).

    Industrial vocational education program is part of the revitalization of Vocational High School (vocational schools) as stipulated in Presidential Instruction No. 9 of 2016.

    Jokowi said, so far the Government has a policy that focuses on infrastructure development. According to him, such thing is intended to prepare Indonesia's competitiveness in terms of accessibility.

    So to strengthen it, which is no less important to digalakan, namely the development of Human Resources (HR) itself. The government is working through various trainings to include vocational curriculum starting at the level of Vocational High School (vocational schools), even vocational training began to be given to pesantren education.

    "The government focuses on infrastructure, ports, airports, railways outside Java, toll roads, for what? To prepare our competitive competitiveness, to compete with other countries, because global competition requires that," said Jokowi.

    "But after the infrastructure, the second big step is the development of human resources, and this we have started today with the training,  cooperation, 'link and match' between industry and vocational schools, as well as Islamic schools I am so glad vocational schools now have cooperated With industry," he continued.

    Jokowi also hopes that Vocational High School does not get stuck with a rigid old curriculum, but the vocational school curriculum should be more flexible and keep up with developments, demands, and industry needs.

    "It should not be that we are working on the old curriculum, the curriculum should be flexible, do not do it - it just grows as needed," he said.

    Related Education Vocational Industry in cooperation with PT Astra Otoparts Tbk, the President assess the cooperation between vocational schools and industry is very strategic. The President also hopes BUMN or other private, willing to open cooperation with vocational schools and boarding school.

    "With consistent cooperation, already calculated in 2040 or 2045 later, Indonesia could be the top four strongest economies," he hoped.

    In line with Jokowi, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said it is indeed important to 'link and match' between industry needs with majors, or vocational curriculum taught in vocational secondary students.

    This becomes important so that vocational schools graduates will be 'ready to jump' directly in the business world, and industry. Because the era continues to demand rapid progress. Then the increase of human resource potential also needs to be encouraged.

    "Now the Central Government, Local Government encourages the existence of 'link and match' between vocational schools with the business world, or the industry, this is to improve competence for our nation to compete," said the Governor after the event.

    Aher also judge whether there is a Vocational High School that has a specific department, or specialist. Suppose in automotive coverage, could have opened a special department of automobile engines, or motorcycles, even if necessary specialization in the machine alone, or concentrate  on studying certain parts.

    "Then vocational schools and industry are given the flexibility to arrange the curriculum, this could be more appropriate according to industry needs," he added.

    Meanwhile, Minister of Industry of Airlangga Hartarto said through the vocational program, the government is preparing the availability of competent local human resources.

    In West Java, according to Airlangga, the Ministry of Industry involves 141 industries and 393 vocational schoolss in industrial vocational programs.

    "In the future, Jokowi government targets 845 thousand vocational schools graduates can be certified from the results of industrial vocational programs," he said.

    As a form of seriousness, Airlangga said, the curriculum and syllabus of vocational schools will be tailored to the needs of the industry.

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