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    To Structural Officers, Aher Demands Two Things


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), inaugurated as many as 238 structural officials Echelon III, and IV, based on West Java Governor Decree number 821.28 / Kep. 674-BKD / 2017, dated 27 July 2017, concerning the appointment and transfer of civil servants in and from structural / administrative positions within the West Java Provincial Government.

    Based on decision letter number 821.2 / Kep. 676-BKD / 2017, dated July 27, 2017, concerning the appointment and transfer of civil servants in and from structural positions / high-ranking leaders in the local government of West Java Province, inaugurated as many as four State Echelon State Apparatus (ASN) Scope of West Java Provincial Government.

    "The Head of Region is assigned to foster the State's Civil Apparatus (ASN), as for the changes to be made for the presence of bureaucratic reform, and the better organization of West Java Provincial Government, and strong in fulfilling the demands of public service. There is no "like and dislike," there is no bribe, there is an evaluation, an improvement of the structure of government, "said Ahmad Heryawan, at the inauguration ceremony of Echelon II, III, IV and the inauguration of High School / Vocational High School of Environmental Government of West Java Province.

    To the inaugurated Structural officials, the Governor says rotation, or shifting positions is intended for organizational refreshment. Thus, things that should not be forgotten by the Echelon are to show the quality, and the best competence. Aher clearly demands, the ASN is to enforce loyalty to the State, and show the best performance, or performance.

    "Good work, first loyalty to the State, The best two performances, only two of my demands," Aher firm.

    As for a number of names that experienced a shift such as Hening Widiatmoko who previously served as Head of Industry and Commerce, now serves as Head of Communications and Informatics Department. Meanwhile, the one who replaced Hening Widiatmoko was Anton Gustoni.

    Then, Dewi Sartika who previously served as Head of Women Empowerment Office of Child Protection and Family Planning now serves as Head of Livestock Service and Food Security.

    Furthermore, Dody Firman Nugraha, who previously served as Head of the Livestock and Food Security Agency, currently receives a mandate to carry out his duties as Expert Staff of the Governor for Economic and Development of the Regional Secretariat.

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