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    The First Hajj Flight Group(Kloter) of West Java 1438H / 2017 Depart, This is Aher's Message


    BEKASI-First Flight Group (KLoter) Hajj West Java 1438 H / 2017, officially released its departure by the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) in Hajj Dormitory Embarkasi Jakarta-Bekasi West Java Province, Margajaya, South Bekasi, Bekasi, Friday (28/07/2017) morning.

    Governor Aher explained, that as many as 404 pilgrims Hajj (calhaj) released his departure is a pilgrim from the origin of Cianjur. The first departure kloter, Cianjur regency, is the result of the determination that done by lot, Friday (21/04/2017) then in Prama Grand Preanger Bandung.

    Furthermore, Aher said, the overall implementation of the Haj this time felt better, and smoothly than in the previous implementation.

    "The Haj are more fluent, more orderly, the visa affair is smooth, the visa has not been done yet, now there is no story anymore," Aher said after the release ceremony.

    Aher was then ordered to the pilgrims, to be able to take care of themselves, maintain the integrity of the group, and of course maintaining the good reputation of Indonesia in Arab countries during the pilgrimage.

    "Hajj are complete worship, treasure worship, temple worship, as well as spirit.Let us present sincerity, we do not go there except fulfill his call," he said.

    "This needs to be emphasized so that every step is entirely done because of God, do not waste it, this expensive worship !," said Aher.

    Aher continues his message so that the worshipers maintain the religious condition of worship by keeping themselves from the actions that are prohibited during the Hajj, such as rafats, fasuq, and jidal (quarreling).

    "We endow our bodies, ourselves for the sake of His calling, Kokohkan our monotheism, our patience to worship Allah SWT," he continued.

    Aher did not forget to appeal, so the pilgrims do not show his own ego. Because every departure of the pilgrims, there is Chairman Kloter who is entitled to organize, decide, and lead the entourage.

    "Do not forget to note also the number of members, if for example we once go 20 people, go home must 20 again, do not be 15," Aher added.

    Meanwhile, Head of Regional Office of West Java Ministry of Culture, A. Buchori, said the total number of pilgrims from West Java totaled 39,329 people. Consisting of 38,593 pilgrims, 480 hamlet kloter workers, consisting of TPHI, TPIHI, and PKHI, and 256 people are TPHD.

    "Hajj pilgrims this year departed by using Boeing 777 aircraft, with the number of passengers as many as 410 people," said Buchori.

    The West Java Hajj pilgrims are divided into 96 kloter with 79 kloter intact and 17 kloter combined. Here is the distribution of kloter Hajj Jabar 2017 which has been agreed:
    1. Cianjur Regency: kloter 1, 35
    2. Depok City: kloter 28, 29, 36, 57
    3. Bogor City: kloter 4, 69
    4. Bogor Regency: kloter 9, 17, 26, 43, 44, 56, 59, 79
    5. Sukabumi Regency: kloter 11, 37, 55
    6. Cirebon Regency: kloter 7, 14, 22, 72, 81
    7. Kuningan Regency: kloter 39, 86
    8. Indramayu Regency: kloter 64, 66, 68, 80
    9. Majalengka Regency: kloter 53, 76
    10. Purwakarta Regency: kloter 31
    11. Subang Regency: kloter 8, 49
    12. Karawang Regency: kloter 10, 40, 41, 48
    13. Bekasi City: kloter 18, 21, 24, 34, 83, 85
    14. Bekasi Regency: kloter 12,16, 42, 51, 88
    15. Bandung City: kloter 5, 23, 25, 47, 50, 67, 89
    16. Bandung Regency: kloter 6, 19, 30, 46, 74, 82
    17. Garut Regency: kloter 20, 33, 52, 63
    18. Tasikmalaya Regency: kloter 13, 27
    19. Ciamis Regency: kloter 38
    20. Sumedang Regency: kloter 45, 61
    21. Tasikmalaya City: kloter 3
    22. Cimahi City: kloter 15
    23. West Bandung Regency: kloter 32, 60.

    Furthermore, Buchori, the operational period of Hajj departure for 30 days consists of 15 days of first wave with Jakarta-Madinah flight route, and 15 days of second wave with Jakarta-Jedah flight route.

    "Furthermore, the stay of Jamaah Hajj in Saudi Arabia for 41 days, is increased from last year which is between 39 to 40 days, as the number of quotas increases.

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