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    Social Minister Called Violence Against Children Trigger Psychological Trauma


    BANDUNG-Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa said, the rampant violence against children lately should be an introspection for all parties, especially parents, fathers and mothers. Given that Indonesia is currently the third country in the world which includes 'fatherless country'. The child's perceived violence, including harassment, Khofifah continued, can not be considered trivial because it will lead to traumatic and prolonged psychological effects.

    "Let us together protect our children from the increasing number of drug traps and the more fatal effects.Teach also our children that Indonesia is very rich because it consists of various tribes, religions, and races, and culture," said Social Minister In his official statement "in Bandung, Friday (07/28/2017)

    Khofifah hopes the next generation of Indonesia to avoid various things that can damage themselves, families, communities and nations, one of them is drugs.

    "The national moment is able to bring progress to the development of Indonesian people if interpreted substantively the importance of building family resilience and provide protection to children," he said.

    While related to National Family Day, Khofifah hoped that the Family could become the first fortress to fend off the spread of radicalism, terrorism, and intolerance.

    It is said Khofifah, Family is the first environment known to children since birth. In this environment, the child learns and is taught the things that become the provision for his life in the future.

    "Everything should start from inside the house is not outside the house.Mother is the spearhead endurance family that leads to national and national resilience," he concluded. (MAT)

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