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    Sundanese News, Continue or Not?


    BANDUNG-The writer who is also a senior journalist, Abdullah Mustafa insisted that reading the current Sundanese news is increasingly apparent misconception, it is allegedly happened because the author does not understand the language, vocabulary and also the structure of Sundanese language itself.

    This was expressed by Abdullah as one of the speakers in News Writing Training in Sundanese for print and electronic media that was held by Bandung Culture and Tourism Deparment, at Bandung Padepokan Art Mayang Sunda BKR street Bandung, Thursday (27/7).

    "Indeed, all this time, the editorial is just translate the news that already exist in Bahasa Indonesia to Sundanese, it should not be translate process but rewrite the news in Bahasa Indonesia into Sundanese," he said.

    Abdullah worried if the condition continues as it is nowdays, what we want is the reader can enjoy news, but ir can be the opposite.

    "If it continues like this format of the news in Sundanese should not be made straight news, but better with a feature or depth news," he explained.

    Of course according to Abdullah, making in-depth news also has its own challenges, but at least for the writer there is an opportunity to explore Sundanese more fully so that the news presented can be enjoyed both sense and logic.

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