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    PT Len Test Unmanned Planes


    BANDUNG-PT Len Industri (Persero) together with Ministry of Defense (Kemhan) is currently conducting a trial of Mission System UAV or Mission System PTTA (Unmanned Aircraft) at Rumpin Bogor Airport witnessed by the Minister of Defense RI, Retired General Ryamizard Ryacudu, Thursday (27/07). The test runs well and the test this time is the fourth flying test.

    "Mission system developed by Len can be implemented in Tactical Class UAV platform and currently installed in UAV Wulung Development of PTTA Mission System and will be continued for PTTA MALE class starting in 2018 with National Development Consortium of PTTA MALE," said Priono Joni Hartanto, Head Team Trial from Len through PR press release PT Len, Thursday (27/7).

    Len successfully developed Mission System UAV and has been installed in PTTA Wulung BPPT development and ready to be implemented for PTTA other Tactical classes. The demonstration of PTTA and static displays today was organized by the Ministry of Defense.

    The mission system is the result of a Development Program supported by Directorate General of Defense Potential Kemhan through BANGTEKINHAN program of Fiscal Year 2015-2016, with the aim of building the capability of the defense industry in developing, engineering and producing Mission System and Flight Control System for UAV.

    Mission System UAV serves as a control system on unmanned aircraft (PTTA), conducts surveillance and reconnaisance missions, and performs the following way and return to home.

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