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    453 West Java Provincial Government Functional Officials Inaugurated


    BANDUNG–West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) inaugurated and took office oath of 453 Functional Official of West Java Provincial Government in Pakuan Building, Otto Iskandardinata street No. 1, Bandung, Thursday (07/27/2017).

    Among the inaugurated officials there are two Widyaiswara Ahli Utama on behalf of Tati Iriani and Endang Juhari at Human Resource Development Agency (BPSDM) West Java Provincial Government. The inauguration of the officials of Widyaiswara Main Experts is based on the Decree of the President of Republic Indonesia Number 27 and 40 2017 concerning Appointment In Functional Position Widyaiswara Main Expert. Stipulated in Jakarta on May 3, 2017.

    Thid inauguration and oath taking of office is the first time. Because usually the inauguration is only done to the structural officials. In addition to officials of Major Experts or Teaching Personnel, there are also those who are inaugurated as Forestry Extension Officers, Archivist Officers, Labor Inspectors, Doctors, Pharmacists, and Nurses.

    "It's very good and positive. The position is divided into two, there is a structural position that is the highest Echelon I, Echelon II, III, and IV. There are also Functional Officials, Functionally also are officials," said Aher after the inauguration.

    "Well for now, under the new rules. The two officials (Structural and Functional) are inaugurated. Now this is the first time we inaugurate Functional Officials since there is a delegation of a number of authorities coming from districts and cities to the provinces," he explained.

    The inauguration of this functional officer is an integral part of the career development efforts of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in functional positions. With the enactment of Law Number 23 Year 2014 on Regional Government, there are some government affairs which originally was the authority of the district / municipal government to become government affairs which became the authority of the provincial government.

    In his speech, Aher gave a mandate to officials that wherever they work they should wholeheartedly do so. "The important thing is sincere and clear heart. Then before God the whole movement of our work becomes worship before Him. And then in life we get blessings, "he said.

    Furthermore, Aher hopes that the functional officers who are inaugurated on this occasion can become professional apparatus, Free from Political Intervention, Clean from Practice of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism, and able to organize public service for society.

    They are also asked to play the role to unite the nation based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. This is because ASN of West Java Province is also one of the spearhead and the key to success in achieving the West Java Provincial Development Goals.

    In addition, in the future Functional Officers, whether the first appointment, the transfer from other positions, and the inpassing can perform their main duties well and be directly responsible to the Primary Chief Executive Officer, the Administrator Officer, or the Supervisory Officer who has Interconnection with the implementation of functional office tasks.

    "Furthermore, Mr. and Mrs are also expected to carry out the task of development, implemented through the development of the nation or cultural and political development, and through economic and social development or economic and social development directed to improve the welfare and prosperity of the whole community, as mandated In Law Number 5 Year 2014 on State Civil Apparatus, "concluded Aher.

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