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    Four Programs West Java Karang Taruna 2017-2022


    BANDUNG-Head of West Java's Karang Taruna period of 2017-2022, Subchan Daragana in his speech said, Karang Taruna as a youth social organization has the task of fostering the young generation and social welfare in all levels of society. This guidance can be done in a planned, systematic, and sustainable.

    This was conveyed at the inauguration of the Board of West Java's Karang Taruna period 2017-2022 in Gedung Sate's west hall, Diponegoro street No. 22, Bandung, Wednesday (26/7/2017).

    Therefore, Subchan has four strengthening programs for Karang Taruna under his command. The four programs are organizational strengthening, youth development, cooperative development, and the development of natural resources and human resources based on data.

    "Strengthening organization standards that have optimum standards. We want to run this organization standard, have an ISO standard is our aim," said Subchan.

    The second reinforcement, Subchan explained Karang Taruna West Java wants to have a leadership development center and management of young people in West Java. It is expected by Subchan can be implemented in Karang Taruna (KT) Institute.

    "Imagine there are six thousand villages, six thousand Karang Taruna in villages in West Java. There are 38 million citizens of Karang Taruna who entrusted to us (Karang Taruna). Then KT Institute becomes our spirit, "said Subchan.

    The third is Cooperative. Karang Taruna West Java will make the cooperative as the driving force for the youth business incubator in West Java. Fourth, updating and development of data base in which there is potential of youth (Human Resources) and Natural Resources.

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