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    Aher Wants West Java Karang Taruna Have Clear Aim


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) officially confirmed management of West Java Province youth organization (Karang Taruna) Period of 2017-2022 in Gedung Sate west hall, Diponegoro street No. 22, Bandung, Wednesday (26/7/2017). As an organization that based in the corners of village / sub-disrict, and city, Aher wants youth organization to have a cultivation or a clear program.

    The inauguration is based on the Decree of West Java Governor Number: 427 / Kep.657-Yanbangsos / 2017 about Inauguration of the Board of West Java Province Karang Taruna period 2017-2022. Based on the decision, Subchan Daragana will command youth organization in the next five years.

    In his direction Aher said, youth organization must be a social movement in the community. That way, youth organization's benefits and presence is felt by the community, not only when 17 August.

    "I hope at least in West Java have to be a pioneer, and youth organization have a clear aim. The omnipresence of youth organization is everywhere, not only seen when it wants to 17 Augustusan. do not only that, but must has a social movement, "said Aher.

    Aher asked that it can be done by West Java's youth organization. Social problems are waiting for the soft hands of all the nation's children to be solved including from youth onganization.

    "Youth organization is a social movement that unites the potential of the youth from the village to the central level to unite, together to build togetherness," said Aher who is also a coach General of West Java's Youth organization.

    "Then affirming the values of nationality, and also affirming the fact of diversity, the nature of diversity that is present in our midst. I think if this great function can be understood well we will undoubtedly be very active in Youth organization. Because this activity will become a social movement to knit, weave our nationality," he added.

    Aher emphasizes the contribution of Youth organization is also needed in the economic field. According to Aher, cooperatives can be one way in the distribution of community welfare conducted by Youth organization. Cooperative is a collection of people who then collect the capital together. Cooperative is not a small business or UMKM that can welfare its members together evenly to form a large business.

    "Cooperative is one way to state income, and how to level the welfare. So prosper together, rich together is cooperative. That is the Pancasila Economy," Aher said.

    "Let's change now and the one who change and pioneered is Indonesia's West Java. Insya Allah," he continued.

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