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    Kesbangpol Participate Improving Education Quality


    BANDUNG-Office of National Unity and Politics (Kesbangpol) as one of the OPD in West Java Provincial Goverment should be able to help in improving the quality of education.

    According to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), the role of Kesbangpol in education is to monitor or detect early possibilities of teaching that deviates from Pancasila ideology.

    "Do not think Kesbangpol can not enter in the area of education Monitoring or early detection of the possibility of a teacher for example, the teaching of radicalism idea, it is the duty kesbangpol" said Aher in Halabihalal and Silaturahim West Java Kesbangpol ranks in Gedung Sate, Wednesday night 26/7).

    Aher also mentioned, in every precautionary action, Kesbangpol should still prioritize a persuasive effort.

    "If it is detected a teaching of radicalism in educational institutions, then in its action Kesbangpol still must prioritize persuasive efforts against the concerned", he said.

    In the silaturahmi event of West Java Kakesbangpol Rudy Gandakusumah convey that in general West Java remain in a conducive situation, although facing 2018 elections. According to Rudy there is no ripples that potentially disrupt kondusifitas, but so far can still be prevented and resolved persuasively.

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