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    Governor Appreciates Companions in PKH


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan gives appreciation to all the companions who joined in Family Hope Program (PKH) spread all over Town and Regency in West Java.

    The governor states, what has been done by these companions has helped in accelerating the improvement of community welfare in accordance with the programmed government.

    "The assistants direct the people who get help, so that the use of the budget in accordance with its designation," said Governor, in the Annual Summit Program Family of Hope (PKH) West Java Province 2017, in Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga) ITB, Wednesday (26/07).

    The governor stated, as a form of appreciation to the assistants, his side also provides assistance in the form of relief to get a motorcycle vehicle.

    "We provide Rp.4 million in advance assistance to the companion who will credit the motor, which the number of companions reaches 2 thousand more," he said.

    Meanwhile, West Java Provincial Office of Social Affairs, Arifin Harun Kertasaputra stated, his party would like to thank the Governor of West Java who has provided assistance of motor vehicle ownership for the companion.

    "Thank you to the governor who has given the motorcycle by giving Rp 4 million for the companions, this is very helpful for them in carrying out their work," said Arifin. (Parno)

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