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    E-Toll User in Indonesia is Still Minimal


    BANDUNG-Users of electronic toll payment system (E-Tol) in Indonesia is still low that only reached 29 percent. With the highest user E-Tol is still dominated by city tolls around 38 percent.

    General Manager of PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Setia Budi explained that currentlyy E-Tol users in Automatic Toll Force (GTO) at Purbaleunyi toll gate only reached 20 percent.

    "Especially in Jasa Marga, the average is only 29 percent, because the penetration of e-toll users in some areas of Indonesia is still low as in Medan The highest e-toll users are in the inner city toll segment up to 38 percent," he told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (26/7/2017).

    To that end, Jasa Marga asks for community participation to participate in socializing E-Toll payments valid from October 1, 2017.

    Faithful explained, the call for use with non-cash transactions has been done by his side since the day. Whether it is through social media or socialization in the form of an appeal that aims to encourage people to use transactions with non-cash. Jasa Marga was already anticipating if at October 1 the whole community has not used E-Tol.

    "Since February we have done socialization, both in social media and through appeal.On October 1 issue, if not 100 percent of people use e-toll, we have anticipated it but here it takes the participation of the community," he explained.

    Faithful assessing this non-cash payment system can be said to change people's habits when cash is replaced with electronic ones.

    "You could say this changed the culture, who used to cash replaced with electronic money," he concluded. (MAT)

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