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    Vice Governor Releases Rare Bird in Tahura(Forest Park)


    BANDUNG DISTRICT-A total of approximately 500 rare birds of various species, released in the Forest Park (Tahura) Ir.H.Juanda or Dago Pakar Ciburial Village Cimenyan District Bandung regency, Tuesday (25/7).

    The release of the rare bird is still in the commemoration of World Environment Day in West Java,
    Along with dozens of local elementary school children, the West Java Forest Service and the wildlife conservation community.

    "In essence, this activity is a campaign effort to conserve wild birds that are rare and almost extinct," said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar, the country's fifth most populous bird species in the world.

    According to Deddy Mizwar, the extinction of birds is caused by various things such as forest destruction, and hunting.
    "The main thing is the destruction of the forest so that the birds lose their habitat as well as the feed, and die long too, so along with the release of this liaran, we plant the bird feed tree here too, and it is expected that in all forest areas Same, "Demiz said.

    Preservation of rare birds does not mean birds should not be maintained. According to Demiz, may be maintained especially if it is also breeding, but still must obey the rules that have been determined. (Pun)

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