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    The Governor of West: Drugs Circulation Circulatory More Sophisticated


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan reveals, the current drugs circulation is more sophisticated . The perpetrators of these prohibited substances go into all sectors of life and there is almost no place to separate the safe space from drug trafficking.

    The drug traffickers go into all sectors of life and there is hardly room to separate the safe space from drug trafficking.

    "Consumeristic lifestyles and busy conditions plus the needs and pressures of life have opened up market which almost limitless for drug trafficking in West Java," he said after leading the International Anti Narcotics Day (HANI) memorial ceremony at Gedung Sate yard Bandung, Monday (24/7/2017).

    Heryawan appealed to the public and business world, to have an important role to be empowered. This is because every individual has a strategic position in an effort deliver information about the dangers of drug use to the wider community in due to to government limitations in the eradication of drugs.

    "The main actor in the prevention of drugs is each person that is related to self-awareness to avoid drugs," he said.

    In the effort to prevent the danger of drug use, West Java Provincial Government with BNN and all stakeholders publish West Java Provincial Government Regulation No. 25 of 2012 on Prevention and Social Rehabilitation of Drug Victims and other addictive.

    "In addition, Governor Regulation No 11 2015 on Implementation Guidelines West Java Provincial Government No 25 2012 on Social Anticipation Misuse of Narcotics and Addictive Other," he said.

    Aher added West Java provincial government also approaches through mass organizations, including involving ulama to remote villages. Plus the assistance of the TNI, Police and P4GN team is expected to decrease drugs used in West Java.

    "I invite all levels of society to really take advantage of International Anti Narcotics Day commemoration as a momentum in optimizing the role and function of each person in the effort to eradicate drugs, especially in the family and education," he concluded.

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