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    Children Care for Electricity in the Commemoration of National Children's Day 2017


    BANDUNG-Electricity is very useful for life because electrical energy is what makes all electronic equipment work. However, we know, that electricity can be dangerous even cause a fire.

    To increase the children general knowledge about electricity, especially about the benefits and danger of electricity, in order to commemorate the National Children's Day 2017, PLN West Java Distribution held "PLN Goes To School". This activity was conducted in 16 elementary schools spread across West Java on 21 and 24 July 2017.

    General Manager of PLN West Java Distribution, Iwan Purwana convey, that general knowledge about electricity is very important to be understood by children from an early age, one of them is to make children do not carelessly play the electric outlet.

    "Electricity is very close with life of people, so that knowledge must be instilled in school early on."

    In the event that was attended by a total of about 1600 students, the General Manager and All Area Managers in West Java share electrical knowledge with children ranging from the origin of electricity, how electricity goes to their respective homes, and electrical safety. The enthusiasm of the children appeared throughout the event.

    This is seen from many questions arise after the General Manager taught and play cartoons about electricity. Their curiosity is getting bigger when GM simulates electrical disruption due to kite arc, TV antenna, and tree twig with props from the innovation work of PLN Purwakarta named Mr. Edu. Children are very excited to try the simulation directly.

    "The simulation tool is really good. I just understand if wet arku kites that stuck in the open electricity network can cause power outages," said Dafarai grade 6 students of Tilil Elementary School.

    In Bandung, PLN Goes To School in the framework of National Children Day 2017 was held in 33 Elementary School with teachers Sumarno, Bandung Area Manager and Tilil Elementary School with tutor Iwan Purwana, General Manager of PLN West Java Distribution and also alumni of the elementary school.

    "I am an alumni of Tilil Elementary School, so I am enthusiastic about sharing knowledge about electricity to the children from same almamater," said Iwan.

    Principal of Tilil Elementary School, Osa, expressed his appreciation for this activity.

    "We are very grateful that Tilil Elementary School is the place where PLN Goes To School activities was held, so our students have the opportunity to get various knowledge of electricity and motivation and inspiration from their alumni who can be their provision in the future."

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