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    Local Government Increasingly Aware of Benefits From Geological Agency Data


    BANDUNG–West Java is one of the most vulnerable areas in Indonesia, hust like Central Java and East Java. So that the existence of data and map of land movement should be the attention of those area.

    "We have made dozens of maps of land movement, especially in southern Java. Because there are many potentials,"said Head of Geological Agency Ego Syahril in a seminar at ITB, Monday (24/7).

    West Java itself according to him is very active in requesting the data. It is used to determine the RTRW of a region, so that the development does not affect the occurrence of disaster.

    "They had asked for data, usually for development plans. Surely this is good, so it will not cause disaster in the future, "he said.

    He stated, please all local governments use Geological Agency's products primarily to mitigate the disasters of land movement and Mount Merapi.

    "Now the awareness has emerged from the local government who are now proactive to ask," he said

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