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    Every Day 50 People Died By Drugs


    BANDUNG-Approximately 29.5 million people worldwide are victims of drug abuse, including in the country today has entered an emergency drug status.

    West Java governor, Ahmad Heryawan explained, survey of National Narcotics Agency (BNN) shows that drug user in Indonesia recorded 5.1 million dominated by productive age that is between 24-30 years old and every year about 15,000 people hovered because of using drugs or equivalent to every day about 50 people died due to drug use.

    "About 50 people died due to drug use," he said as the leader of the International Anti Narcotics Day (HANI) commemoration ceremony at Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (24/7/2017).

    Heryawan assess the development of drug abuse in West Java is quite apprehensive. Based on data from West Java Police during 2016 the number of disclosure of drug cases increased about 26 percent compared to the previous year Bandung ranks first.

    "In 2015 there are about 2,562 cases whereas in 2016 3,334 cases cause in a 26 percent increase. With the dominant cases of marijuana and shabu," he explained.

    Of course this statement resulted huge losses, especially from the amount of drug abuse that continues to increase every year.

    "In connection with that, firm handling and joint commitment must continue to be promoted in the fight against drug abuse," he concluded.

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