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    Increasing Revenue Transportation Department Gives Treatment


    BANDUNG-Bandung Department of Transportation (Dishub) will give 'treatment to application of electronic parking machines starting this week. Thus stated by the Head of Bandung Subdistrict, Didi Ruswandi

    "Earlier this week, the team from Dishub will discuss first what 'treatment'  will be taken so that parking retribution revenue can be more optimal again, "he said.

    According to Didi, in this week they will be decide which areas of roads in Bandung to be an operational pilot parking engine that required parking users to pay non-cash.

    "So in the operational pilot parking area people who want park there inevitably have to pay non-cash or use card. the priority is in road segments such as Sudirman, Tamansari, Cihampelas, and Badak Singa," he said. 

    According to Didi, the selecetion of the areas, is considering that from the first five day people who use park transaction using card is mostly from those areas.

    "I hope after the 'treatment' the number will keep increasing and we will continue to evaluate because it's real time, so the transaction can be seen in the dashboard in Park UPT," he said.

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