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    Low Income Workers Can Have an Apartment


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government provided low-rent housing to low-income workers in West Java through transit apartment or also called rusunawa (low-cost rental apartments).

    Aher inaugurated the transit apartments in 4 locations, namely Rancaekek Transit Apartment, Ujung Berung, Batu Jajar, and Solokanjeruk, on Tuesday (29/12), that located at Cangkuang village, Rancaekek, Bandung district.

    In his speech, Aher said that these inauguration is part of West Java provincial government to fulfil the needs of decent living community.

    "We want to continue speed up service to the public, including housing. The need of housing is very important in life. It was difficult for a person to get happiness without owning a home independently,” said Aher.

    Aher was revealed, this apartment was made and dedicated to workers, especially to those living around the apartment. With nuances and concepts of apartments, Aher also wanted the residents  have a self belonging as a private home.

    "The construction of these apartments will be expanded to Bekasi, Bogor, Sukabumi, Karawang, Cianjur, Subang, and other areas in West Java. We encourage the residents to have housing, without being pushed to have a house, but through these transit apartment has become a springboard for workers to have a house,” said Aher.

    Meanwhile, Head Department of Settlement and Housing West Java Bambang Rianto said that he gave the term of transit apartment because he wanted to change a bad stigma about rusunawa.

    "We termed it as transit apartment because we want to navigate through the programs that residents inhabit apartments here for three years and a maximum of six years, then they will have savings when out of the apartment and have ability to have a home subsidised,” he said.

    Bambang added that program named Gempita savings (Saving Movement Occupants Transit Apartment) through Bank BTN, with an initial deposit of Rp 500,000 and further payment of Rp 250,000 per month within 3 years, the residents will have a savings of up to Rp 9.5 million, which is enough to pay advances for purchase subsidised housing.

    The fourth apartment in different locations have up to 953 units. The fourth apartment has two types, types 24 and 27. The type 24 can be inhibited by a small family or filled by 2 singles (same sex) with the range cost of rent Rp 245,000/month - Rp 215,000/month. While type 27 can be filled by 4 occupants (husband, wife, with 2 children) or filled by a 4 single people with the cost of rent Rp 300,000/month - Rp 225,000/month.

    These apartments have a concept of eco green living with open green space and playground, business space, social facilities such as mosque, meeting rooms, sports fields, and parking lots.

    The inauguration ceremony was also attended by Official Representative of the Ministry of PUPR RI, Vice Chairman and Member of Commission IV DPRD West Java, District Secretary of Bandung, the Head of OPD in the West Java province, representatives of Bandung Mayor, West Bandung Regent, Regent of Sumedang, Elements FKPD West Java Province, several representatives of associations, as well as the residents of Apartment.

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