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    Now, People in the Village Can Buy Gold Via Online


    BANDUNG-Bukalapak re-introduce various facilities to people to do buying and selling of precious metals online including the people who are in the countryside.

    Founder and CEO of Bukalapak, Achmad Zaky said, with OpenEmas, it is expected that people will not only in big cities, but also in regions can buy gold online easily and affordable.

    "The purchase of gold in Bukamas, not necessarily a certain nominal multiple as in general, but people can buy as low as 5 milligrams of gold," he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (21/07/2017)

    Since its launch in June 2017, OpenEmas users in Bukalapak are now close to 110 thousands and are predicted to continue increasing this year.

    In addition, from the period of 18 to 30 July 2017, users can get a gold balance bonus in BukaEmas worth 10% of the purchase price of gold with a minimum purchase of 0.5 grams of gold, and a maximum bonus given 0.1 gram.

    "We want to give more value to the people of Indonesia with features populist," he said.

    BukaEmas is also expected to be a solution for busy people but wanting to buy gold becomes easier with Bukamas. Gold will be delivered directly to the buyer's address and the shipment is insured or the goods will be replaced 100% if there is a logistic fault in the shipping process.

    In addition, the gold pieces are sold at the official OpenEmas from PT Aneka Tambang (ANTAM) and accredited LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). So users do not have to worry about the security and authenticity of gold in BukaEmas.

    "Currently the Indonesian people consider gold as one of the favorable investments, because gold is a product whose price tends to increase every year and rarely decreases significantly. Although gold is the oldest investment instrument, it does not mean this precious metal does not have a high attraction, "he explained

    Zacky added Bukamas always keeps updating the gold price in real time. The transaction is easy because it is just use the balance Open Wallet. User gold will be stored in IndoGold's gold storage. If the user wants to withdraw the purchased gold, then the user simply pays the cost of the certificate and the postage.

    "We are confident in the growth and development of Bukalapak as an ecosystem, we are able to contribute to spin the wheels of the Indonesian economy not only by selling and purchasing products, but also with the habit of saving and investing. Let's join investing in BukaEmas, "he concluded. (MAT)

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