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    Nusantara Mosque Distribute Carpet and Sound System in Pamoyanan


    BANDUNG-Mosque Nusantara distribute carpet and sound system for Pamoyanan Mosque, Cicalengka, Bandung District. The condition of the carpet and sound system owned by the mosque, is obsolete and damaged so it is not feasible to use.

    Hamzah, Director of Nusantara Mosque, said the mosque was one of Mosque Nusantara's programs as an effort to bring a prosperous and comfortable mosque in the middle of society. For that, Hamzah said that the distribution will continue to be done so that more mosques that are comfortable for worship also carry out other activities.

    "A good carpet will help increase the comfort of the congregation during worship. Similarly, a sound system of quality will blend Islamic syrians done in the mosque. May the reward continue to flow to the donors along with the benefits felt by the pilgrims, "said Hamzah, Friday (21/7).

    During July 2017, Nusantara Mosque has distributed 66 rolls of carpets and 12 sound system packages for 18 mosques in Cianjur, Cimahi, Bandung, Sumedang, and Garut. Hamzah added, next week the Nusantara Mosque will again channel the carpet and sound system to four mosques in Tegal.

    "Alhamdulillah, thanks to the Nusantara Mosque which has provided a new carpet and sound system for our mosque, this blessing brings blessings to all, adding to the worship spirit of the mosque," said Apid Hapid, DKM Masjid Pamoyanan.

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