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    Governor Inaugurated Baiturrahman Kuningan Mosque


    KUNINGAN-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan inaugurated the Baiturrahman Mosque Kel. Awuatangan Kabuaten Brass as well as a preacher Friday (21/7).

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan in his inauguration speech invites pilgrims to this mosque with the purpose to make this mosque always prosperous not just the beautiful building and big building, he added.

    "The congregation's worship associated with the mosque from the past until now remains the same, if the Friday prayers, the beginning of Ramadan, or Eid al-Fitr prayers and Eid al-Adha prayers are always full and even less large mosque space, said Ahmad Heryawan.

    However, Heryawan continued, when the Fajr Prayer, although the smallest mosque, looks "relieved" (empty /the pilgrims is a little.

    Explained Governor Ahmad Heryawan, this mosque has been built with the spirit of self-government sacrifice and was named Baiturarahman (Rumah Arrahman-Allah the Merciful). Hopefully those who have been involved in the construction of this mosque, later "a line of shof with the Prophet Muhammad in the hereafter, said the Governor.

    The Governor quoted the hadith of the Prophet SAW, "Whoever builds a mosque in the world, Allah will awaken for them a luxury house or palace in the future". So if this mosque still needs infaq, then hurry up put out the infaq, said the Governor.

    On that occasion, the Governor promised to provide assistance to complete this mosque, which is for the construction of four towers. The governor promised Rp 220 million from the Provincial Government. "Hopefully in October the funds are smooth," explained the Governor.

    Reaffirmed by the Governor, "do not be enthusiastic in building it", but must be spirit in filling it. Therefore makmurkanlah this mosque for congregational prayers, especially in the dawn prayers in congregation.

    I believe in the Awirarangan Village people, because the people are "getol-getol" (to the mosque). If the men pray at home, then "throw him with mukena", because the prayer in the house is only for women", Aher sundries who at once ended his speech.

    Baiturahhman Mosque was built by costing as much as Rp.3.8 billion for community self-sufficiency, West Java provincial assistance,Kuningan District government assistance and the donors of the Servant of Allah.

    Also attending the inauguration of this mosque, the Regent and Vice Regent of Kuningan, Head of KUKM West Java, Head of Bureau of Yanbangsos West Java, Head of West Java Province and Kuningan District and community leaders.

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