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    Non-oil exports in West Java Dominated by US, Japan and Thailand


    BANDUNG-The West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said West Java’s non-Migas imports are still dominated by China. In November 2015, the largest imports from China amounted to US$ 238.90 million, followed by South Korea US$ 143.68 million and Japan US$ 135.83 million.

    That three countries provide respectively roles of 27.58 percent, 16.59 percent and 16.14 percent of total imports in West Java. In general, the imports from the main 13 countries in November 2015 increased from previous month. The largest imports increase from UK with amounted to 19.86 percent from US$ 1.79 million to US$ 2.15 million.

    During the period January-November 2015 imports from 13 countries fell on 9.09 percent in the same period in 2014. Imports from Thailand was the largest in decline, amounted from US$ 663.80 million to US$ 501.49 million (down 24.45 percent). While the largest increase came from France amounted to 336.92 percent.

    While non-oil exports in West Java in November 2015 was United States, Japan and Thailand each worth respectively US$ 374.69 million, US$ 232.99 million and US$ 127.55 million. It reached 37.23 percent down 0.07 points compared to October 2015.

    Cumulatively, the value of exports to major destinations from January to November 2015 fell by 3.57 percent compared to the same period last year. Decrease occurred nearly to all major destinations except for Malaysia, United States and China.

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