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    FinTech, Practical and Efficient Business Format for Community


    BANDUNG-These day, internet plays an important role in human life. The Internet makes everyone can be connected without the boundaries of nation or country. In the business world, internet technology makes people familiar with 'online shopping'.

    "In the past, if someone wants to buy something, he have to look for it in the market, but with the internet one can shop for an item from anywhere with just a touch of fingers," said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) at the 8th International Conference on Sustainable Collaboration in Business, Technologi, Information, and Innovation '(SCBTII), at Grand Preanger Hotel Bandung, Thursday (20/07/2017).

    Internet technology is not only vary merchandise trade, but also services. For example the online transportation industry, online banking, and logistics services now can be done online.

    Governor Aher said whether technological developments in the financial area provide more efficient financial transactions with better and more modern systems. This is a new business form that is now known as Financial Technologies, or 'Fintech.'

    "Technology gives us efficiency. Efficiency brings better productivity, lower costs, and a more competent business environment than conventional businesses," said Aher.

    The National Digital Research Center (NDRC), in Dublin, Ireland, describes FinTech as the term used to describe an innovation in financial services. FinTech word itself comes from the word financial and technology that refers to financial innovation with a touch of modern technology.

    FinTech's concept which adapting technological developments combined with the financial area is expected to bring more practical, safe and modern financial transaction process.

    With these considerations, Governor Aher hopes that FinTech can make people more accessible to financial products, simplify transactions, and also increase financial literacy.

    To be able to try out the business in that sector, Aher advised people to do it with carefulness. The creativity would be the main capital in running a business in any sector or field.

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