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    West Java and Bogor City of Manpower and Transmigration Department Held Employment Exhibition Ekspo 2017


    BOGOR CITY -Thousands of job seekers crowded the Bogor Women's building located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Bogor Tengah Sub-district, Bogor since 07.00 WIB. They come to join the 2017 Expo Employment Exhibition held by Department of Manpower and Transmigration (Disnakertran) West Java Province in cooperation with Disnakertran Bogor for two days, Wednesday - Thursday, 19-20 July 2017.

    Section Head of Manpower Placement of Disnakertran of Bogor City, Iswahyudi, said that this work is the program of Disnakertran of West Java Province.

    Iswahyudi said, the company that participated in the 2017 Expo Employment Exhibition are about 35 companies including RSUD Bogor. While available vacancies are about 1,000 positions. Starting from sales, marketing, technicians, accountants, hospitality and sewing operators.

    He added, in the first day, the number of visitors or job seekers reached 1,300 people. As for the second day (today) the number of job seekers is estimated to continue to grow.

    "Although the exibition is open at 10:00 am, but people already arrived since the morning. They may want to be served first, "Iswahyudi explained.

    In 2017 Expo Employment Exhibition, Disnakertrans of Bogor also opened Yellow Card making service (Kartu Pencaker and BPJS Employment). We also open yellow card making service and BPJS Employment, "he said.

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