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    West Java Going to Implement First Real Time APBD Administration System in Indonesia


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Goverment immediately build a system that will integrate revenue and expenditure in one application and can be accessed in real time.

    West Java Provincial Secretary, Iwa Karniwa said the integration of revenue and expenditure system is an innovation from West Java Provincial Government in the era of information systems. So far, in the reporting revenues area only related to income from motor vehicle taxes and BBNKB. "Later all revenue will be integrated in one application, this is the first step," he said at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Wednesday (19/7).

    Second, his side will do the integration between the budget and the realization of expenditure, so we can know how much the spending and the remaining budget at any time.

    "Currently, new information is known every late afternoon or late Friday. Later integration can be known at any time like private companies or banking, "he said.

    Once these two sectors are integrated, Iwa ensures that in 2018 they will be merged into one application system. So, the balance, acceptance, how the realization of that spending can be known by the leadership at any time.

    "So it can be used for monitoring the realization and management of cash. If it can be realized then this will become the first modern financial governance at the provincial level in Indonesia, "he explained.

    Iwa ensure this innovation system is expected by financial management of West Java provincial government to imitate the banking although admittedly it is quite complex. But considering the significant benefits and also encourage transparency then this application will be realized and supported by the budget.

    "So later can be monitored from mobile phones. The performance of Financial Department will be monitored at any time, every second, "he said.

    He claimed to have initiated this system since taking office Plt Head of West Java Local Income Agency (Bapenda) developed by Assistant Administration of West Java regional Secretary, M. Solihin. West Java provincial government itself hopes this system can be strong and secure.

    "Because this concerns 14 million transactions of West Java Provincial Government. Applications will work with BJB as a cash bank, "he said

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