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    There Are Still Young Children Who Listen To Radio Broadcasts


    BANDUNG-In order to strengthen the relationship between radio broadcasters, Wednesday (19/7) at Ballroom Hotel Aston Tropicana Bandung, held a halal bihalal event and talk show with the theme "Reaching for advertisement through broadcast journalism radio program".

    On the occasion attended Regional Assistant III M.Solihin and his staff, Chairman of KPID and staff, and invited guests from various radio broadcasters in West Java.

    According to Errol Jonathans (CEO of Suara Surabaya), in principle fellow radio people should not have any secrets between us. The main attraction of radio comes from its program as a product.

    The radio may be any theme but the content is the main attraction, Errol said.

    But there is one thing that is always forgotten called the radio personality, he added.

    "According to the data, about 57% of radio listeners are young. While our assumption says that young people have left the radio. Even they are not newspaper readers anymore and not television viewers anymore. But it turns out that many young people are still listening to the radio ", added Errol Jonathans.

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