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    Facing Developments, Asita Remodels AD ART


    BANDUNG-For two days, 18-19 July 2017 The Association of Travel Bureau of Indoneaia (Asita) held a Special National Conference (Munassus) AD ART in Bandung. Munassus aims to revise AD ART Asita to respond to developments in the growing world of tourism with high complexity.

    "This is to answer the development of the world of tourism, but tourism is not just about tourism object, but also the whole of infrastructure and government policy," said Asri Bahar, Chairman, in Bandung on Wednesday (19/7).

    Aswin mentions several articles or clauses in the AD ART which are likely to be revised such as membership issues.

    "Double membership does not seem to be allowed anymore, or it can be a member of two organizations but can not be a board," Aswin explained.

    Munassus AD ART Asita was attended by all representatives of Asita throughout Indonesia from each Province. (Pun)

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