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    Rumah Zakat Achieves Indonesia Original Brands 2017


    BANDUNG-Rumah Zakat as a philanthropic institution again ranked first in the results of IOB (Indonesia Original Brands) survey 2017. This is the second time, after the year 2016 yesterday, Rumah Zakat received awards in the same category.

    The awards ceremony by SWA Magazine is given to a prominent local brand in Indonesia which is the main choice of consumers and has mastered the market in Indonesia. Rumah Zakat is considered eligible to receive this award because it has met the survey on various parameters of the assessment of satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, local brand competitiveness level, and IOB index.

    "Currently, we further optimize digital technology as the primary means to attract new donors and serve long-term donors. We also continue to build collaborations with various parties to succeed our mission that is to empower the zakat funds for community development," said Nur Efendi, CEO of Rumah Zakat, Wednesday (19/7).

    Efendi added that in 2017 Rumah Zakat is transformed into an entrepreneurial institution in order to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of donors and beneficiaries of zakat funds. In addition, Rumah Zakat also fixes 22 touch points (touch point management) to the public ranging from pre-interaction, zakat consultation, prayer, to report submission.

    "We hope that the awards we receive can also be a motivation for Rumah Zakat to always improve the quality. We hope that every element of society can further benefit from the existence of Rumah Zakat," Efendi concluded. (Pun)

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