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    'Creative Research', Jabar Got 5 Commodities


    JAKARTA-West Java Provincial Government has committed to become a systematic and advanced province based on science and technology. This is reflected in the Vision of RPJPD 2005-2025 and RPJMD 2013-2018.

    One of the development mission in West Java in RPJMD is to build a quality and competitive community through Policy, Plans and Program based on Science and Technology.

    The Regional Innovation System (SIDa) has been implemented and developed in West Java in various sectors in accordance with the potential of the region and commodities that are currently focused on economic growth through technological invention involve agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry and plantation to increase the value Add a product.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said the collaboration between universities, government, business / industry and society has been well established and produce new IKM based on science and technology. As evidence of the development of Regional Innovation System (SIDa) in West Java, 5 out of 17 leading commodities, catfish, java preanger coffee, indigofera, sangkuriang catfish, and chicken sentul.

    "Alhamdulillah this morning we describe the results of innovations developed in West Java Province from mid-2016 to 2017. We found there are 17 innovations, and five of them we show in Kemenristek Dikti in order to win the trophy Budhipura," said Governor Aher , When met after the exposure related to the Development of Regional Innovation System (SIDa) and Five Selected Superior Commodities in West Java, before the appraisal team of Anugerah Iptek                                                                                                                                                                        Budhipura, at the Central Agency for Technology Research and Appraisal (BPPT) Central Jakarta, Wednesday (19/07/2017 ).

    Five innovations of West Java in the field of community-based science and technology developed through 'creative research' / research. West Java is also developing other innovations such as, development of Marwana fish breeding, bamboo development, banana, White tea, Indramayu milkfish, Padjadjaran sheep, pheasant, shrimp breeding, mangrove, natural color batik Ciwaringin Cirebon, Pineapple Subang, and in the field Transportation ie village car.

    The first, out of the five presented, is catfish culture with a funnel technology system, with the principle of water recirculation, resulting in high oxygen content, and causing high fish density. This innovation managed to increase the production of larvae from per room per year, which initially by conventional means of producing only 0.9 million larvae, can now reach 27 million larvae.

    "Of course from larvae to nursery, seeds, seedlings increased between 20-30 times compared with the original proportion, of course, this economic impact karna the community sells more, which can be distributed to the community in public waters as well as more," He said.

    So, besides there is good fishery growth in this catfish. At the same time the selling value is also higher, which then is sold also more. So the economy of society can also increase.

    Both words Aher, himself explained Coffee Preanger Java. This coffee according to him is a famous coffee for a long time, but since 1922 this coffee was exposed to the virus so that it disappears from the plains of West Java.

    In 2011, the Governor provided Unit Processing Facility (UPH) facilities for coffee farmers in 4 regencies (Bandung, West Bandung, Garut and Ciamis) with the aim of increasing labor absorption and improving the quality of coffee West Java.
    In the same year, the protection of geographical indications of java preanger arabica coffee began to be processed, both the establishment of the Geographical Indicators Protection Society (MPIG) as well as the preparation of geographical indication books and maps to be used as a condition for obtaining Geographical Indications.

    "Alhamdulillah the result of the effort is able to present a higher welfare value, from the original only Rp 30 thousand per kilogram Green has, now has reached at least Rp 125 thousand, and the best coffee reached Rp 700 thousand per kilogram Green been, "He explained.

    Then the innovation done in addition to overseas marketing is also the effort to innovate seed certification superior. By engineering technology on certified seeds. Now, the seeds are originally planted three years of new fruit, after there technological superior seed technology is only 11-12 months can bear fruit.

    The economic impact is of course the more coffee production, and the higher the price. Recorded history and recognition of the world also proves the return of the image of Java Preanger Arabica Coffee (KAJP) lifted through SCAA event in Atlanta United States in April 2016 ago.

    Six Arabica Java Preanger Coffee (KAJP) representing Indonesia is the best coffee of West Java and has several strong aroma advantages, unique taste. The obvious smells are Blueberry, Floral, Jasmine, sweet aftertaste, vanilla, lychee. Apricot, Caramel, sweet finish, full body. Fruity, Lime Acidity, Maple Syrup, Slightly Floral, Clean Finish Nutty, Cherry Ripe, Slightly Floral, Toffee, Dark Chocolate. Apple, Vanilla note, Roasted Peanut, Sweet Melow, Honey.

    In addition, this coffee can be said coffee is light or smooth. Certainly for coffee lovers with their own gentle flavors and unique aromas, Java Preanger Arabica Coffee can serve as the perfect choice to accompany daily activities, to bring out briliyan ideas and also to relax.

    "This effort certainly increases productivity, improves quality and competitiveness, so that the impact is real we can see the field of economic growth, public welfare increases," he said.

    This coffee plant is also good as a conservation plant grown in bare forests.

    "Original coffee, ground not cut, healthy coffee, no sugar between us!" Exclaimed Aher.

    Third Catfish Sangkuriang, is a catfish that is touched by technology, with turmeric and certain serum mixed in the feed, so that its production can be more increased, which originally can dipijahkan twice a year, to four times a year.

    "So the multiplication of seedlings can be doubled, then of course the economic value to high ih.Lele larva is longer, so the fish is bigger, with a shorter time," he said.

    Next the fourth word Aher, namely indigofera plant as animal feed. In the livestock business, feeding factor becomes important because this factor is costly enough. So with indigofera, found the type of feed 'green-green' new.

    "Usually the animal feed is 'green-hujauan' plus the concentrate, the green from the grass, and the plants, the concentrate from the cake or concentrate sold in the free market, the price is quite expensive," Aher said.

    "But when switching to indigofera, forage plus concentrates already contained directly on this grass.Then we grass this type of grass, and certification, so that its superiority is controlled," he added.

    The impact of indigofera development efforts is lower feed cost of 50% than ordinary feed. Farmers are getting profitable, and hopefully the beekeepers are passionate in running their business.

    Last, or fifth, ie Sentul Chicken. The original chicken of West Java community, which through touch technology found GGPS, or Great Grand Parents Stock, then found GPS, Grand Parent Stock, then Parent Stock, and the final Stock.

    "This is what we are doing for our superiority, and the quality is well sorted, the advantage is that we can encourage faster growth acceleration than regular chicken growth," he said.

    If the chicken is usually within four months, or five months can be cut only 0.8 pounds, then with a touch of this development then 0.8 kilograms can be achieved in just two months.

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