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    CoE Able to Achieve Synergy of BPKP, Universities, and Local Government


    JAKARTA - The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) and the Head of BPKP RI, Ardan Adiperdana signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the development of Center of Excellence (CoE) at Auditorium Gandhi BPKP Building, Jalan Pramuka No. 33 East Jakarta, Tuesday (07/18/2017).

    According to the Head of BPKP, Ardan Adiperdana, the development efforts cannot be separated from the bureaucracy and quality governance. The bureaucracy that becomes the component and the element of development drive must have high quality, efficient, effective, clean, and accountable. Likewise for development governance that must have adequate space for strategic and operational decision making responsibly for all stakeholders.

    "For that, the initial foundation that needs to be done is strengthening resources and the government business process. These are bridged by the efforts through State Accountability Revitalization program supported by ADB," said Ardan in his remarks.

    Ardan further explained that State Accountability Revitalization (STAR) strongly supports the bureaucracy reform priorities of the Government of Indonesia in order to strengthen accountability. It includes capacity building of human resources, system strengthening, and training learning, as well as institutional strengthening through improved accountability and monitoring systems.

    The signing of the MoU was also witnessed by the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Tjahjo Kumolo and Secretary General of the Ministry of Research and Technology Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) Indonesia, Ainun Naim as a form of support for the realization of CoE development.

    The Ministry of Home Affairs supports and welcomes this cooperation within the framework or aspect of strengthening government accountability. Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo said the Central Government wants national strategic program planning to run well up to the level of village government. This can be realized if there is a pattern of perpendicular and synergic between all levels of government, including the role of universities with community leaders and traditional leaders.

    "Therefore, the function of strengthening accountability should also be more optimized in the future," said Tjahjo.

    Tjahjo considered the role of universities to be an integral part of the implementation of regional development and the process of political policy making in it" The function of this college with its free autonomy should be to critically articulate the principles of inputs," said Tjahjo.

    Meanwhile, Secretary General of Kemenristek Dikti, Ainun Naim revealed that CoE cooperation is important related to the implementation of Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi, namely education, research, and community development. This CoE will impact not only on aspects of community development and improved development effectiveness. Ainun said, CoE can also provide feedback to universities, so it will have a curriculum that is more relevant to the needs of the community.

    "The involvement of universities will also have a positive impact because universities are involved in this capacity building process, of course, universities must also have good accountability," said the secretary general.

    Through this CoE is expected synergy between BPKP, Higher Education, and Local Government will continue to be three pillars that support each other. It is to create clean governance, strengthening human resource competence, and strengthening the capacity of existing universities in Indonesia.

    Concretely through CoE will be developed superior and innovative products to improve accountability, especially in the field of Village Financial System (Siskeudes), Internal Control Over Financial Reporting (ICOFR) and Fraud Solution, Risk Management, Optimization of Local Revenue, Local Government Index and Asset Management. The scope of the CoE includes the management of research activities, dissemination of research results, the design of practical methodologies, and training activities, as well as in order to socialize the implementation of CoE development activities to all stakeholders.

    The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding of CoE Development between BPKP, and the Governor and between BPKP, Higher Education and Local Government will affirm the commitment of BPKP, Universities and Local Government not only to the formal implementation of CoE development, but to become a higher momentum For better government accountability and better Indonesia.

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