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    Bandung Operationalize Bike Sharing at 30 Point


    BANDUNG-As a form of attention for people who enjoy driving by bicycle and to maintain the environment in particular, starting July 3, 2017 Bandung has operated Bike Sharing at 30 points or shelter.

    Head of Transportation and Parking Management Bandung City, Dudy Prayudi admitted, since the launch of the transportation, the enthusiasm of the community is quite good, where in a day in one shelter about 80 members who use bike sharing.

    "Yes can be counted in one shelter about 80 users, just multiplied 30 shelters in Bandung, so there are hundreds every day that use Bike Sharing," he said.

    According to Dudy, for the operation is quite easy, for people who will be a member, simply come to the registration and show ID cards for citizens of Bandung, for students or students can show Student ID card(KTM) and for tourists can show passports.

    "There are four locations for the making of members, including Alun alun, Cikapundung, Taman Cibeunying and Taman Lansia," said Dudy, in Bandung Answering in Media Room Bandung City Hall, Tuesday (18/7).

    Dudy added, the advantages of this Bike Sharing, users do not have to return the bike that they use to the place of origin but can return elsewhere.

    "If we use the shelter Alun alun, our destination to Braga, the bike does not need to be returned to the shelter Alun alun, just in the nearest shelter," he said. (Parno)

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