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    West Java Handicrafts is Still Demand by Foreign Markets


    BANDUNG-West Java handicrafts was still fairly high demand, both in domestic and foreign markets. According to the Head of Department Industry and Trade Sofwan Ferry, West Java’s handicrafts are still in demand are ceramics from Plered, Purwakarta.

    “The products was divided in two, there are functional and some are merely aesthetic. One of which is still quite high demand by foreign market is pottery or ceramic products from Plered,” said Ferry, in Bandung, on Tuesday (29/12).

    According to Ferry, pottery from Plered, Purwakarta has a specific preferred foreign markets including the colouring and the combustion process.

    "In Indonesia, there are actually several pottery manufacturers as in Kasongan, Central Java, but foreign markets preferred Plered because of its uniqueness in coloration and combustion process,” he said.

    Ferry added, in addition to pottery, handicraft products is still fairly high demand in foreign and domestic markets, are woven from Tasikmalaya, either woven as a decoration and functional.

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