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    Report Card Development Environment In West Java


    BANDUNG–West Java Provincial Goverment Held World Environment Day (HLH) Provincial Level in Gedung Sate West Parking Lot, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung, Monday (17/7/17). Various efforts continue to be done by West Java Provincial Government to preserve and solve environmental problems, thereby improving the quality of Bumi Parahyangan environment.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) stated that several effort has given result. The total area of protected forest in West Java continues to increase. Protected areas in West Java have reached 37% or increased by 10%. Aher committed to continue to increase this protected area to reach 45% of the total area of West Java.

    "Protected areas that used to be only 27 percent now have increased to 37.2 percent by 2015. 2016 hopefully it has been 39 percent and 2017 estimated 40 percent," Aher said in his speech.

    "Of course, go 45 percent from 27 is not small matters to the area of West Java which has the most people, maybe if the community is small, it relatively easy," he continued.

    Number of people determines the availability of protected areas within a region. Aher said the community determines the habits or culture in an area. Love and consciousness  levelof society will greatly determine its natural sustainability.

    "The main factor that must be changed is the culture of the society itself. How the culture of society is able to present, able to be changed so that people begin to respect the environment As well as possible, "said Aher.

    In addition, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in West Java is at a considerable percentage. In 2016 West Java GRK is at the number 11.45 percent. This is expected to continue to increase to 26% by 2030.

    "The quality status of main rivers and large reservoirs with pollutant levels is rising from previously to 56.12 percent. The worst percentage most came from Citarum River, "added Aher.

    Therefore, Aher admitted that his side continued to be encouraged to keep the environment record of West Java continue to improve its quality. Especially from the management side of Citarum River management. Citarum Bestari Program became the focus or superior environmental management of West Java Provincial Government. Citarum Clean, Healthy, Beautiful, and Sustainable Program (Bestari) is rolled out since 2014 by involving all stakeholders and even the community or called ecovillage (community cadre cultured environment).

    Management of Environment in West Java can not be separated from three things, structural program, nonstruktural, cultural response. The structural program is carried out through the normalization of the river, by widening the river flow and dredging the river bed.

    Meanwhile, non-structural program through reforestation of upstream areas. Conservation of forest areas is believed to minimize the possibility of flooding. This conservation is done not only with upright plants, but also productive crops such as coffee that can also impact on the community economy.

    While the cultural program, is expected to build new habits of society to not pollute the environment. In the context of Citarum Bestari in the movement of the Five No: (1) No Cutting Trees Upstream and downstream (2) No Disposing of Livestock Waste, (3) No Disposing of Household Waste, (4) No Disposing of Industrial Waste, and (5) Do not Dispose Trash into the River.

    "About conservation, Alhamdulillah. Critical Land Rehabilitation Movement or West Java GRLK has been quite successful. Hopefully we continue to do and we do, so the longer our forests it become more sustainable and greener as ever, "said Aher.

    Environment Day this time take the theme Connecting People to Nature, meaning integrates with nature. This theme is very relevant to the current condition, namely raising public awareness to be more concerned about the preservation of the environment. HLH is commemorated every June 5th.

    "This theme invites us to be present with nature, appreciate the importance of harmony between man and nature for the survival of the inhabitants of the earth and the beauty of nature. Treat nature proportionally, not primitive, just want to profit from it, but must be in the perspective of protection," said Minister Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya Bakar in his speech read by Joe Komaladewi, Director of Environmental Partnership of the Directorate General of Social Forestry and Environmental Partnership of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry RI in the HLH 2017 West Java Provincial Level.

    Minister Siti Nurbaya also emphasizes environmental management not only in the perspective of natural exploitation alone. Modernization and proportionality of the management of the natural environment must be with the concept of sustainability and environmentally. So, investment and economic growth do not neglect nature conservation.

    "So do not occasionally attempt to deceive that environmental protection will hamper investment. That is not true at all, "said Siti.

    At this HLH West Java Province Level 2017, Governor Aher awarded the Raksa Prasada category of Individual / Community Groups, Environmental Culture School (SBL), Best Practice of Information Document of Local Environmental Management Performance (DIKPLHD) 2016, and Best Practices of Strategic Environmental Assessment (KLHS ) RPJMD 2016. In addition, the Governor also provides grants in the form of Support Equipment Bank Waste and Machine Enumerator Organic Tool.

    Individual / Community Group Category:
    1. Supriyatna (Bandung Regency) - Pioneer of Environment,
    2. Dedi Supriadi (Ciamis Regency) - Pioneer of Environment,
    3. Akhman Kurniawan (Sukabumi Regency) - Environmental Servant.
    Environmental Culture School Category (SBL):
    1. SDN Paduka Mandiri 4 Kota Cimahi,
    2. MIN 1 Banjar,
    3. SMPN 3 Cileunyi Bandung Regency,
    4. SMAN 2 Cikarang Selatan Regency of Bekasi,
    5. MAN 2 Pangandaran, Pangandaran Regency,
    6. SMKN 3 Bandung, Bandung.
    Best Preparation Information Document Performance Environmental Management 2016
    1. Cirebon City Government,
    2. Local Government of Depok City,
    3. The Municipal Government of Sukabum ,.
    Best Practice of Strategic Environmental Assessment RPJMD 2016
    1. Local Government of Indramayu Regency,
    2. Local Government of Pangandaran Regency.
    Recipient of Asset Grant of Supporting Equipment of Waste Bank and Machine Tool of Organic Counter
    1. Recipient of Asset Grant of Supporting Equipment of Garbage Bank (SMPN 1 Cimaung Kabupaten Bandung),
    2. Organic Enumerator Machine Tool (SMPN 1 Margaasih Kabupaten Bandung)

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