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    Minister of Social Affairs: The late Tagana Founder Has the Capability of Conflict Resolution


    BANDUNG-Minister of Social Affairs (Kemsos) of Republic Indonesia Khofifah Indar Parawansa said that one of the founders of the Kana Deden deceased Taruna Siaga Bencana (Tagana) has the ability to conduct deep-resolution conflicts.

    "He has the ability to do conflict deep resolution. In this country there is not many that has that ability," she said when mature one of the founders Tagana on campus STKS Bandung recently.

    "I have not found a figure like him in the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) .Maybe my knowledge about Kang Deden far exceeds than other friends in Kemsos," she added

    Through the spider team, the deceased prepared many forums to build the nationalism of those who already identified sparadic and anti NKRI,

    "He can prepare a very good format," she said

    Furthermore, Minister of Social Affairs revealed that Kang Deden has networking with classy humanists in helping this program.

    "Back Then the late WS Rendra was often quite helpful in this program networking ability with the classy humanists owned by kang deden besides the spider team does have a pretty good skill," she said.

    For example, when there is a prisoner in Bali who escaped from prison. the who was asked to help build condusive communication in prison is also Kang Deden.

    "Several times prisons whose prisoner escaped, their reference to build 'koneksifitas' in prison is Kang Deden, so we from the Ministry of Social is very lost, kang Deden is one of the people who set up disaster preparedness cadets in West Java," she said.

    Khofifah recalled when there was a special Tagana ceremony in Banda Aceh, specifically she requested that the deceased deliver his Baksos program to former GAM members.

    "I said once, 'Kang Deden I want our Baksos because the Ministry of Social Affairs has prepared fake legs and arms, specifically asking him to help us so this baksos this time taken by former member of GAM," she explained.

    In addition, the deceased has contributed a lot in building the nationalism a group of people who are not easily invited by communication, but Kang Deden managed to reach back to the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

    "We from the Ministry of Social would feel lost.Hopefully he was called by Alloh in a special khusnul khatimah.All the deeds of worship received and all his sins and khilaf pardoned by Alloh, and his family given the power face this," she concluded.

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