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    Aher: West Java Critical Land Rehabilitation Movement Quite Successful


    BANDUNG-Celebrating World Environment Day, Environment Department (DLH) West Java Province held an event in Gedung Sate West Parking lot, Bandung, Monday (17/7). The event that took the theme of "Convert With Nature", is attended by West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher). 

    On that occasion the Governor of West Java revealed that in the environment preservation there is still excessive forest exploitation, because the factor of great greed. Cause the logging concession (Hak Penguasa Hutan) which should be 30 years but become only up to 5 years. the forests are bare.

    what worse is the bare forests are planted with Palm, while Palm does not included as verdant plants, said Aher.

    Aher hopes that in the future the forests will be environmentally conservative.

    About environmental conservation efforts, Aher said alhamdulillah. Because there is a grace that makes people manage land around the forest that used to plant crops become a conservative plant, namely coffee. This coffee plant that can preserve the environment around the forest, explains Aher.

    In various ways such as the Critical Land Rehabilitation Movement (GRLK) has been overcome,
    "Alhamdulillah, Aher said.

    Critical Land Rehabilitation Movement Jabar is quite successful. "Hopefully with the GRLK program that continues to run, then our forests grow green again as usual, "said Aher.

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