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    Aher: 6 Best Coffee Is Coming From West Java


    BANDUNG-Celebrating World Environment Day, Environment Department (DLH) West Java Province held an event in Gedung Sate West Parking lot, Bandung, Monday (17/7). The event took the theme of "Convert With Nature". The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), and Netty Prasetiyani as Chairman of TP PKK Jabar, were present at the event.

    One part of his speech, Aher boasts Coffee originated from West Java that has been worldwide. According to Aher, at present alhamdulillah there is a boon that makes people manage the land around forests for seasonal crops become plants that are conservative, namely coffee.

    "West Java coffee is now a coffee that is known in the world community and the coffee farmers around the forest is pro coffee. Because coffee is more profitable than seasonal crops, "said Aher.

    "The people of West Java should glorify coffee as a fresh and healthy drink. Do not let the best coffee grown in West Java, in Bandung Raya area, but those who drink it are foreigners, do not let that way," said Aher.

    Because to my knowledge, continued Aher, in coffee festival in Atlanta last April 2016, there are 20 best coffee in the world and 6 best coffee is coming from Indonesia and it all comes from West Java.

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