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    Political Observer Called 3 Factors of the Emergence of Terrorism Action


    BANDUNG-Padjajaran University Chairman of Center for Political Studies and Security (PSPK), Muradi explained there are three factors trigger the emergence of terrorism action in West Java region.

    According to him, the characteristics of West Java society which is outgoing became one of the causes of the perpetrators of terror acts hiding in the land Pasundan. In addition, the Government is so easy to legalize the growing organizations in the society.

    "The characteristic of West Java society which is permissive also influences the political system of power in the Government which allows organizations to move in the public sphere," he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (14/7/2017).

    Muradi added the second factor, politically also West Java is considered permissive and the last, the society has a tendency to accept whatever is considered to have similarities.

    "It could be a terrorist living in the society because it is considered to have the same belief, for example, just say it is because we feel faithful," he said.

    Based on the explosion incident in Kubang Bereum number 35 RT 07/11  Sekejati District Buah Batu City Bandung last week by the unexpected Agus Wiguna, the evidence of the society around permissive.

    According to him, the explosion that generally occurs in rented house, became evidence of supervision of the society of migrants less intensive.

    For example, the suspected terrorist has paid 6 times rent in advance, then the homeowner does not watch anymore and do not pay attention to who rented the house.

    "This permissive situation becomes a convenience for perpetrators of the act of terror settling to smooth the plan," he concluded. (MAT)


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