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    Unpad Alumni Association(IKA) Encourages The Increasing Number of Entrepreneurs


    BANDUNG-Padjajaran University(UNPAD) Alumni Association (Ika) will declare Padjadjaran Entrepreneur Club (Padec). Padec is a unit of Ika Unpad that is engaged in the field of sustainable business incubation as well as efforts to encourage the young generation, especially alumni of Unpad, to move in the field of entrepreneurship.

    The chairman of Unpad Alumni Association, Hikmat Kurnia said Padec is the implementation of one of Ika Unpad's work programs to create 1 of 20 alumni of Unpad as entrepreneurs. This is based on the number of Unpad alumni who have been active in Indonesia. In order to increase the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia, Ika Unpad is optimistic the alumni can contribute.

    During the inauguration speech of Ika Unpad Chairman, Hikmat explained that Ika Unpad will create entrepreneur movement, sustainable business incubation, with create entrepreneurship curriculum and teaching methods. The database of website and linkedin entrepreneur will also complete the work program of this entrepreneurship field.

    also, there is the institutional structure of Padec consists of Yuszak M. Yahya as chairman. Yuszak has served as President of OIM Proindonesia and has experience in developing ecosystems to accelerate UMKM business in 25 cities. Padec's team is also staffed by various faculty of Unpad alumni who are practitioners in the field of entrepreneurship, including Felicia, Fajar Satria, Wusda, Hesti, Kuswoyo, Wahyu Dharmawan, Felani and many more.

    Padec will be officially launched on Saturday, 15 July 2017, at Unpad Alumni Association Building, Singaperbangsa Street No. 1, Bandung. This launch event coincides with the holding of seminars and discussions entitled "Business With Whose Fear", how the steps and strategies to find the right business partner. The speakers who will be present include Noviyanti Setiyaningsih (Founder & Commercial Director of Alpha Integra) and Fajar Satria (Lecturers and Professional Practitioners handle corporate cooperation contracts for 22 years).

    Padec will also invite stakeholders who have a role in fostering entrepreneurial spirit, such as holding the government, private, community, financial institutions, investors, modern retail, to campus. 

    This activity is an Initial activity held by Ika Unpad.

    Hopefully, Padec can collect data of entrepreneur activist alumni and then will be invited to work together to create a movement in each faculty by supporting the provision of sustainable business incubation facilities for its junior. Jo

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