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    Vice Governor: Providing Information through Science and Technology Demonstration Centre


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar attended launching of Traffic Directorate competitive program (Ditlantas) West Java Police, at Graha Bhayangkara, Bandung, Tuesday (29/12).

    Various innovative program was launched by Ditlantas West Java Police as a follow-up to answer the needs community on Policing excellent service which is fast, accurate, accountable, transparent, informative, and systematically-based Science and Technology.

    Vice Governor Deddy said the use of technology is very important. Because it will facilitate to conduct monitoring. So that the provincial government can work together with the police to inform each other.

    "It is time we have to use technology to make things easier. So I appreciate that West Java has launched a program that ease the community,” said Deddy.

    "I think it is very important use technology in collaboration with the provincial government, because we have areas of monitoring that can connecting with the police. Such as providing information to public to avoid the traffic area and accidents often occur,” he said.

    In line with Deddy, Deputy Head of the Corps Traffic Police Headquarters, Police Brigadier General Sambudi Gusdian also said that the online-based program is in line with efforts by government officials to be present in the midst of society.

    "With this online-based program, people can easily communicate with us,” said Sambudi.

    Meanwhile, West Java Deputy Police Chief Mohammad Taufik, hoped with good traffic information systems, the accident rate can be reduced.

    "The realisation of good information systems is expected to reduce the number of traffic accidents, especially for victims died. It’s hopefully the orderly traffic culture can be realised,” he said.

    The Traffic Directorate Competitive Program include:

    I. Road Accident Rescue (RAR) and Traffic Accident Analysis (TAA)

    RAR (Road Accident Rescue) is a team formed by Ditlantas West Java Police to handle the rescue of victims traffic accidents. It is intended to lower the fatality rate of accident traffic for giving first aid as soon as possible.

    In addition, the expected rapid handling can also reveal cases of accidents traffic - in a transparent and accountable. So that justice and the rule of law, can be obtained by the parties involved in the accident which supports the TAA in the investigation process.

    II. SIM Mobile Order (SIMOBO)

    Simobo is a technology-based public services, an application that can be downloaded for free through Google Playstore in android. These applications can be utilised by people to apply for renewal driver's license (SIM) independently.

    III. Revitalisation Program RTMC

    RTMC West Java Police as a central command control communication and information, has a strategic role and functions both internally and externally, for all people in West Java. So to improve the services, Ditlantas West Java Police launched a number of innovations that facilitate community services such as the following:

    1. M-LANTAS Application

    Used for reporting the traffic situation electronically and realtime. The program is also integrated with other applications, such as SIMOBO, Website RTMC West Java Regional Police, as well as a variety of social media. So that information can be disseminated to the audience.

    In addition, this program can be used to perform plotting police leadership and personnel positioning through GPS, which allows for mapping area.

    2. T - Drive

    Is a vehicle tracking technology through GPS, which is integrated with M-LANTAS. So that whenever necessary, RTMC can quickly conduct a search patrol vehicle.

    3. V - Meet

    Video Conference technology that can be used in mobile to provide flexibility in performing the function of coordination and command.

    4. SMS Gateway

    Is a public services by Ditlantas West Java Police with some kind of service, such as:


    Is a paid service that allows people to request vehicle data via short messages. By calling *500*911#

    b. Location Based Service (LBS)

    An SMS-based service hosted by Ditlantas West Java Police as one form information services related to the conditions exist in the region.

    c. Other SMS-based information services

    Is part of delivering message of security, safety, and order traffic with some services, such as: Kamseltibcar Campaign, SIM expiration reminder, endless tax reminder and vehicle registration validity period, ticketed siding reminder, and other information.

    IV. Traffics Mathematics Game

    Is a Dikmas program game of dexterity and skill that aims to provide knowledge that introduces traffic policeman profile based on the educational ladder. As well as providing knowledge of the signs, traffic signs, and cross.

    This launching event was also attended by Forum Coordination West Java, West Java Wakapolda M. Taufik, Kapolrestabes Bandung Police Commissioner AR Yoyol, transportation experts, Pangdam Siliwangi, and West Java Police Officers.

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