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    The Regional Secretariat (Sekda) Issueance Circular Acceleration of Budget Absorption


    BANDUNG-West Java Regional Secretariat(Sekda) issued a circular to accelerate the realization of budget absorption of West Java 2017. 

    Circular is made considering that until July 2017 is still low, at Rp12, 79 trillion.

    West Java Regional Secretary said that around 37.78% of the total budget in APBD 2017 of Rp33, 85 trillion. This figure is still fairly low considering the auction and existing contracts that have entered the payment. "Ideal absorption target is 45% in the first quarter, so there is a deficit of 8%," he said in Bandung, Friday (14/7).

    According to him, the absorption side of Rp12, 79 trillion is still much better than 2016 ago where until August 2016 from the total budget of Rp29 trillion, only Rp12 trillion or 43.18% absorbed. However Iwa rate this year's absorption should be much better and faster. "Therefore we issued a circular for regents / mayors and all offices to accelerate the absorption," he said.

    Iwa admitted, in addition to submission of submissions from the region that late, in the West Java provincial government itself there is an office that needs to speed up the process and preparation of auction documents. In addition there is a process of land acquisition that needs to be coordinated again considering the big budget. "But the big financial aid to the region should be the appropriate budget and contract documents that must be met by the regent, mayor," he said.

    In Circular No. 900/28 / BPKAD on the procedures for submitting indirect and direct expenditure disbursements, the submission of accountability reports, deposits of regional income and the remaining money of APBD's 2017 APBD funds, emphasizes several points. "This is related to the low absorption of the first quarter of 2017," he said.

    For the regents and mayors, his side gives a deadline for disbursement of subsidy, grants, social assistance and financial assistance to be submitted to the province no later than October 6, 2017. 

    As for the submission of APBD Changes 2017, the region must submit no later than November 30, 2017. "For the disbursement of regional tax revenue and levy it one month after the first quarter, II, III. Special quarter IV no later than the second week of December 2017, "he explained.

    It also emphasizes that the completed contractual work to immediately apply for the disbursement by December 4, 2017. While the contract passes that date to immediately make a list of jobs to be billed. "Immediately delivered to the provincial government, no later than December 8, 2017," he said. (Pun)

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