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    West Java Provincial Government Hope Accelerate Development of Patimban Port


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) expect the development of Patimban port in Subang immediately realized. Because if this port already exists it will increase economic growth in the region.

    This was revealed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan when he received a visit from Deputy Chief of Mission and Deputy Chief of Ambassador of Japan Kozo Honsei at Pakuan Building, Bandung on Thursday (13/7/2017).

    According to him, as one of the National Strategic Project, Port Development of Patimban requires a total fund of around Rp 43.22 trillion. The project is mostly financed from Japanese loans. Patimban Port which is substitution project of Cilamaya Port located in Patimban Village, Pusakegara Subdistrict, Subang Regency, West Java Province.
    "Patimban Port is a substitute for Cilamaya which is canceled . We prove it by determining the fast location and socialization to the community quickly and without any turmoil, "he said.

    Aher explained that the operation of Port Patimban is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation. However, the Ministry of Transportation may cooperate with the Port Enterprise concerning the development, operation and the entrepreneur of it. The plan for the construction of Port Patimban will be built in 3 stages of development. It starts with the construction phase in January 2018, and soft opening in 2019.

    "It is targeted to be completed in 2027 by a terminal capacity capable of serving the loading and unloading of containers totaling 7.5 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUS) per year and the vehicles terminal of 600,000 Completely Built Up (CBU) per year," he said.

    In addition, Aher appealed to the Ambassador of Japan to further enhance cooperation with the West Java Provincial Government including involving local district government.

    "Cooperation with West Java needs to be improved. Not only in the government which is very good, local district government should be involved though small because it will feel to have, "he said.

    Other efforts undertaken by the West Java Provincial Government in the development of the port include providing understanding to the community about the impact of Port Patimban development. Aher claimed to get a positive response from the community.

    "We have met with the community to explain about the economic impact if Patimban Port Has been done. This is a very good process because people respond positively, "he said.

    "We feel right when people are spoken to, given a very smooth understanding," he added.

    Furthermore, West Java provincial government will conduct land acquisition. For that, he hopes to the National Land Agency for land acquisition immediately.

    "Later, when it is completed land acquisition then West Java Provincial Government will soon process Amdal and physical development at once," he added.

    Aher added that his side will perform the task very quickly even out of the ordinary work of other development projects.

    "We will carry out the tasks associated with Port Patimban beyond the usual speed that usually determining the location (penlok) a month this week can be completed. Surely we will carry out the tasks that are charged as a provincial task, "he concluded. (MAT)

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