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    Half of Absorption Target Reached


    BANDUNG–Public company Bulog West Java targets to absorb 611,000 tons of grain or rice this year. Until the beginning of July, the absorption has reached almost 50% of the target.

    Head of West Java Bulog, Abdul Muis said that the grain absorption is till smooth everyday with amount reached 3.000 - 4000 tons.

    "Harvest still happens until August, we continue to maximize the absorption from farmers," he explained, Thursday (13/7).

    He said there would be an additional grain uptake of around 150,000 tons during the harvest until the end of August. Furthermore, in the gadu harvest (harvest in the dry season) absorption will also be re-done until the end of this year.

    He added that rice stock in Bulog's warehouse is now very safe, with food durability of 8 months.

    This abundant stock made Bulog to deliver rice from West Java to out of the island. Such as Kalimantan up to Aceh and Papua. The amount of West Java rice that is sent to out of island reaches thousands of tons.

    "About 150,000 tons are already sent, this month we will send about 20,000 tons more out of West Java," he said.

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