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    West Java DPW PUI Ready To Succeed Election in West Java


    BANDUNG-Election of Regional heads of both the city / district and provincial levels, especially in West Java, will hold in 2018 where for city/regency level it will take place in 16 cities and regency.

    The simultaneous elections that is held this year for the first time will require the support of all the stakeholder at all levels in the society, not just the government, but other groups such as community organization, private and the public and should be active in it.

    Chairman of West Java Regional Representative Council (DPW), Engkos Kosasih said, his side will fully support and succeed democracy party which will be held for the first time. From election of governor (Pilgub), election of regent (Pilbup) to also election of mayor (Pilwalkot).

    "Besides focus to religious affairs, in the political field, PUI also has Politics Nationality, therefore we are ready to succeed Pilkada in West Java," said Engkos, in Piasdai Jabar, Thursday (13/07).

    According to Engkos, for the last 10 years PUI Jabar has successfully supported the performance of its cadres to lead West Java, therefore they are able to get more than 200 awards both national and provincial awards.

    "Kader who currently serves as the Governor of West Java, has many advantages, besides qualified education in the field of religion, he also can speak Arabic and often fill tausiah in several places," he said.

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