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    Bulog Continues Nine Community Need Market Operation


    BANDUNG–Public company Bulog West Java continues to conduct market operation (OP) several society needs, eventhough Eid Al-Fitr has passed.

    Head of West Java Bulog, Abdul Muis said that OP is exteded and conducted considering of Bulog task to stabilize the price of society basic needs.

    "OP results during Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr are very good, able to control the price of basic food (sembako). This is certainly good, so it will continue to be conducted, "he asserted in Bulog office Soekarno Hatta Road Bandung, Thursday (13/7).

    According to him, the OP is still conducted for basic needs such as cooking oil, sugar, meat and even garlic. The price of basic needs in the OP is still the same as the price of the OP during Eid Al-Fitr which is below the market price.

    "We do OP in Bulog offices. And this is done until the new year, "he said.

    OP will be increasingly propagated ahead of religious holidays. The closest is Eid al-Adha, so that the price of basic needs remain under control.

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