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    KSP Rukun Mekar Share Capital With Other Cooperative


    MAKASSAR–West Java sould be proud in the peak of 70th National Day of Cooperative (Harkopnas) 2017 which is held in Kerebosi field, Ahmad Yani street, Makassar South Sulawesi, Wenesday (12/7/2017). Because 4 big cooperatives in West Java received "Satyalancana Wirakarya" Honor from President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

    Those 4 cooperatives are KSP Rukun Mekar Bandung Regency, KPRI Sasakandana Garut Regency West Java, KUD Swargi Solokan Jeruk Sub-District Bandung Regency, and KPBS Pangalengan Bandung Regency.

    After the event, Covers Team of West Java Public Relation have a chance to talk with 2 of the award recievers, Chairman of South Bandung Livestock Cooperative (KPBS) Pangalengan, Aun Gunawan, and Founder and Secretary of Cooperative Savings and Loans (KSP) Rukun Mekar Bojongsoang, Juanda.

    Besides KPBS Pangalengan, another cooperative that received Satyalancana Wirakarya award from President Jokowi this year is Savings and Loans Cooperative (KSP) Rukun Mekar in Ciganitri Village, Cipagalo Village, Bojongsoang Sub-District, Bandung Regency. This cooperative is engaged in savings and loans.

    The purpose of KSP Rukun Mekar is to Form UKM and Small entrepreneurs in order to compete with other regional entrepreneurs. Its members have reached 5,000 people with 97% of them is active members. They come from several regency/city municipalities adjacent to the Bandung Regency. The most number of members is from the Regency and City of Bandung with the nature of voluntary membership.

    KSP Rukun Mekar in 2016 managed to record the results of operations up to Rp 7.8 billion with a turnover of Rp 70 billion, while total assets owned Rp 67 billion.

    "The largest loan to members of Rp 300 million with 2 percent saving service. Can compete with banks because the proceeds from savings and loans are returned to members by 72 percent of gross proceeds. Capital is from member as owner. So, save by members, use by members , results for members, "said Juanda, Founder / Secretary KSP Rukun Mekar.

    "The amount is determined by the member meeting. All the things done by the Rukun Mekar were from the results of the meeting of members. The board only conducts member meetings, "he added

    The 33-year-old cooperative has won many national awards. Like Cooperative Achievement, Cooperative Award in Jambi 2016, and its founder Hadna Setiadi received Satyalancana Wirakarya at the peak of 70th Harkopnas 2017.

    "That (achievement) is the motivation for the board to increase devotion. Because at the cooperative board member did not get a salary or a decent salary. It is more noticed, and returned to its members, "said Juanda who is also the eldest son of Hadna Setiadi.

    In KSP Rukun Mekar, administrators and members get a percentage. Management gets 5% while managers 10% of gross income. KSP Rukun Mekar operates every Monday-Friday. Special Monday service starts from 08:00 to 20:00 pm, while Tuesday-Friday service starting at 09:00 to 17:00 pm.

    The advantage of cooperative KSP Rukun Mekar, said Juanda, is provides capital strengthening to other cooperatives. The system is that other cooperative managers can become members of the Rukun Mekar then they apply for a loan to the Rukun Mekar then it will be rolled out to its members. Borrowing between cooperatives will be more profitable than borrowing from banks. Because the purpose of the cooperative is to provide the maximum benefit to the owner of the member.

    To maximize member benefits, KSP Rukun Mekar also plans to build a multipurpose building. This building will be used for rental business like wedding reception, meeting, or gathering. KSP Rukun Mekar will apply a low price for rent.

    "In KSP Rukun Mekar there are also some posts that are allocated for development fund of work area. Social funds are beneficial to society. Such a social fund is not a in physical form but general education, religious education and study. They (society) submit a proposal, then we give. Development in the work area is real, for example road repairs, and culverts, "added Juanda.

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