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    Len is Ready to Upgrade Train Signaling System


    BANDUNG-PT Len through the Director of PT Len Industri (Persero) Zakky Gamal Yasin, President Director of PT KAI, Edi Sukmoro and PT SIEMENS through Board Member of SIEMENS, Jochen Cedrik Neikeeickholt have signed cooperation in the development of railway operation facility in Indonesia.

    The cooperation is planned to upgrade Jabodetabek KRL regional signaling system which still uses old electronic signals to be replaced with the latest electronic version signaling system.

    In a press release delivered by PT Len Public Relations, in this partnership, Len provides production facilities and experts as it is known that Len's human resources are highly qualified in signaling, besides the production of rail operations facility is planned to be done at Len Technopark Subang.

    The Len-KAI-Siemens partnership is a strategic partnership through increased utilization of local content, technology transfer, global supply chain and manufacturing of railway operations facilities in Indonesia.

    Coupled with SOEs (BUMN), Len and KAI are collaborating in rejuvenating and developing railway operations facilities, including issues of development, rejuvenation, manufacturing localization, and maintenance services, as well as training and education of human resources to improve the services and safety of rail travel especially in Jabodetabek area.

    "With an updated system, all parties hope to minimize the problems that often occur and maximize the convenience for train users, along with our motto," fail safe, no compromise "," said Communications Manager PT Len Donny Gunawan, Wednesday (12 / 7).

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