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    Difference in Import Export of West Java Reaches USD 1.42 Billion


    BANDUNG-Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) West Java (Jabar) recorded the export value of West Java reached USD 2.45 billion or an increase of 9.46 percent compared to April 2017. Meanwhile, the value of imports on May 2017 reached USD 1.03 billion or up 3.68 percent compared to April 2017.

    By this condition, it means foreign trade of West Java had an excess or surplus, namely amounted to USD 1.42 billion.

    Head of West Java Bureau of Statistics, Dody Herlando said the increase in exports was supported by non-oil exports in May 2017 reached USD 2.43 billion, up 9.12 percent compared to April 2017. While oil and gas exports rose to 62.83 percent from USD 14.08 million to USD 22.93 billion.

    "West Java's non-oil or gas export market share in May 2017 is still US $ 423.72 million," he said.

    Other countries that are export markets are Japan worth USD 221.54 million and Thailand worth USD 197.03 million. While the largest non-oil imports of West Java comes from China valued at USD 309.50 million, then Japan amounted to USD 138.52 million, and South Korea amounted to USD 136.37 million.

    There are 13 countries as Foreign trading partners with the total surplus during January to May 2017 reached USD 7.06 billion. Jo

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