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    West Java Coffee Enthused Middle East


    BANDUNG-West Java's export commodities (Jabar) are still dominated by TPT (Textile and Textile Products) in decades. But that does not mean other commodities do not appear. Original coffee from West Java is one of the commodities that began to demand abroad.

    Head of Representative of Bank Indonesia (BI) West Java, Wiwiek Sisto Widayat said there are new export commodities which in the future will become the mainstay commodity of West Java, that is coffee commodity. According to her, now many countries has started to put an interest in coffee from West Java.

    "West Java exports are pretty good. Commodity which is in demand is coffee," she said.

    She mentioned that countries which are interested in West Java coffee are Saudi Arabia and some Middle East countries. Although the volume is not large, but if the 'maintenance' well by maintaining the quality and production, then the exported of West Java coffee will increase.

    "The demand abroad has started a lot for West Java coffee," she said.

    So far, the non-oil export market of West Java is still fixed to the United States. Other export destinations are Japan and Thailand. Jo

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